Day: 10 September 2020

Getting ready for Helen Hill’s Ordination

I’m looking forward to being ordained on Sunday 20th even though it won’t be what we’d imagined a year ago. It feels it will be like a wedding without guests and without the party but poignantly reduced to the essence – my commitment to God and his commitment to me. I am overawed by the responsibilities of this calling, the promises I will be making but believe that everything we each do in serving Jesus is only accomplished through the enabling of the Holy Spirit – what a relief! It’s also a huge assurance to know that we always live in the love and grace of Jesus and God the Father and brilliant to have the love and gracious support of so many church friends, old and new friends and my family. What an honour! Thank you to all who have prayed and will pray for me.

Great news from our friend Rezgar

A wonderful outcome of unfailing pastoral care is the story of our friend Rezgar who, just before lock down, was granted right to remain in the UK, and has gone on to get a job, a travel permit, part way towards a driving licence, and, wonderfully, is seeing his Mum for the first time in more than 10 years! These joyous photos will make you smile. Rezgar simply wrote;
Be encouraged – prayer and love transform lives!

Book club

We are looking forward to coming together in this new space.
Whether you are a big reader or not, if you just want to explore and discuss together some provocative books on our journeys of grace – this could be for you. The idea of a Christian book club was brought to life by hearing Kate enthusiastically referring to a book called “The ruthless elimination of hurry”. There seemed a rich opportunity to carry on the discussion well after the Sunday sermon slot & chat, so the outline of a book club to explore faith further together was born.

There are some other surprisingly good Christian books out there to enjoy, stimulate us and discuss together.

If you are interested in being part of this, then the launch meeting is on October 7th 7:30 to 9:00 online. Please email Helen if you are interested.


  • A safe place to discuss Christian books honestly, get provoked and explore journeys of grace
  • Fellowship and fun
  • Encourage sharing of good book experiences in each of the parishes

Who’s it for?

  • People willing to commit to meeting regularly monthly for a year – come and give it a trial first if you want
  • Theological experts or seekers after the truth
  • Those who are suffering or rejoicing

Launch session with an outline proposal to be refined by members

  • October 7th 7:30 to 9:00 online gathering with eCoffee & eBiscuits and then
  • the first Wednesday of each month following
    • “How to pray” by Pete Greig will be the launch book.
    • Buy a copy if possible and read the first chapter
    • Say hello and help us shape this club
    • Share some insights or questions – we would like to hear everyone if possible.

Looking forward to hearing from you, Peter Hill [Helen the curate’s husband!]

Updates on spaces to come together for growth, learning and action

[Updated 10 September]

The Government have amended their advice, and services are now permitted under extremely limited circumstances. As clergy and churchwardens, we have made the decision to take this very slowly, so that we can ensure everyone is safe and so that we continue to listen to what God is saying at this time.

However, we are making tentative steps and there are opportunities to gather together both physically and online as we continue to walk together as fellow pilgrims.

Monday 10.10: online Morning Prayer
Evening: online Compline

Tuesday 10.10: online Morning Prayer
Evening: online Compline

Wednesday 11.30: Holy Communion at Holy Trinity, Stroud
Book Club online monthly. Starting 7 October 7.30pm

Thursday 10.10: online Morning Prayer
10-11: Holy Trinity, Slad open for praying together
Evening: online Compline

Friday 10.10: online Morning Prayer
10.30-12.30: St Laurence, Stroud open for prayer
Evening: online Compline

Saturday 10.10: Morning Prayer
10.30-12.30: St Laurence, Stroud open for prayer
Evening: online Compline

Sunday 10.10: Holy Trinity, Slad fortnightly. Next service 20 September 11am
Church of the Holy Spirit, Paganhill fortnightly. Next service 20 September 11am
St Laurence, Stroud weekly. First service 20 September 9.30am
If you would like more information about any of these, please get in touch with any of the clergy.