Church Office

The Shambles,
Stroud GL5 1JL

01453 759099

Mon - Fri 9:30 - 12:30

Nine Churches

In and around Stroud

The People

Ultimately the church is really the people. There might be a local church building, or nine in the case of Stroud. There might be a paid clergy, or three in the case of Stroud. With or without these, the church is the people.

As parish churches, the people is everyone living in and around Stroud. These are your parish churches and you are welcome however and whenever. Whether you come every week, Christmas and Easter or just the occasional wedding and funeral. These are your churches and you are welcome.

The Team

Kate is our Rector and she leads the team; some of whom are full-time paid clergy and lots more are volunteers; whether they are full-time or on the coffee rota once a quarter.