Rev’d Graham Stacey’s new post and moving to Lower Cam

Hello, my name is Graham Stacey, and I’ve got a new job, which I’m very excited about.

Hopefully, this short video will answer any questions you have about how my new job will affect the team and the churches here in Stroud Parish Churches.

What is your new post?

I have been appointed as the priest in charge at St Bartholomew’s in Lower Cam and St Bartholomew’s in Coaley. I have also been appointed as Area Dean designate for the Wotton Deanery.

I’ll be licenced on 4 October in Lower Cam and you’re all warmly invited to come to that service.

Is this a full-time post?

Yes. For the last 12 years or so, I have been volunteering in the church alongside my full-time work of running a business.

This new post is full-time and will be my main focus for my time and work effort.

Will we still see you here in Stroud Parish Churches?

Sadly, very rarely.

In my new post, I will have all the responsibilities of being the vicar, and so it is unlikely I’ll have a chance to be involved in activities here in Stroud.

I’ll still be married to Kate, your rector, so I can imagine there will be the odd occasion when I accompany Kate. But I am essentially leaving Stroud Parish Churches.

Is there a vicarage with your new post? Are you moving?

There is a vicarage with my post.

When I was offered the job, Kate and I, along with the archdeacon, considered various ways of making this work. In the end, we have decided to move to the vicarage in Lower Cam as a family.

There were several positive reasons for this decision.

Firstly, it would give me the best opportunity to settle into leading in Lower Cam and Coaley and across the Wotton Deanery. Kate is very well settled here in Stroud.

Secondly, it also means that James, our new team vicar, and his family will be able to move into the house we currently live in in Cainscross. This is a huge relief to James and the team as we were struggling to make the allocated housing in Bussage to work for them.

So we are moving, to Lower Cam, on the 13 September.

How will Kate manage to continue to be our Rector?

Kate does an amazing job as the Rector here in Stroud. Her job involves leading the team of clergy and volunteers, as well as being part of that team in ministry and mission. All of that across the nine churches and the town of Stroud.

Kate is well established and well-known in many places and settings.

All of that will continue. Kate is and will continue to be the Rector here in Stroud.

The Diocese is working with us to establish a base in Stroud for Kate to work from. A place that will be an office and a place to meet people as needed in her role.

We’re still working out the details of where that will be.

Will we get an opportunity to say goodbye to you?


Most recently, lots of my time as a volunteer here has been spent working alongside the team and people at St Matthew’s. So, my last service here will be on the 18 September at 9.30 at St Matthew’s. It is their Harvest Service, and there will be refreshments after the service.

You and anyone else are welcome to that service, and it would be lovely to see you there.

Why are you leaving?

For me, this is about following God.

Nearly 30 years ago, when I came to see and know the love of God, it also came with the realisation that this was going to consume the whole of my life. I made what might appear to be a rash promise to God as a baby Christian that I was up for anything and would do whatever God might ask. I’ve not always been the best at keeping that promise, but here I am, just doing my best at doing what I think God is asking.

I love Stroud. I have loved living here and volunteering here in ministry and mission, working alongside you, the community of disciples here. And just as I am trying, I encourage you to continue to listen for God and follow.

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