Enneagram workshops

The Enneagram is a guide to the spiritual journey. Enneas = 9 and in its simplest form there are nine spaces representing nine stances to the world.
But the more we look, the more we find and within those nine melodies are many harmonies. When we find ourselves in the Enneagram we see the stuck record that goes round and round inside us – the motivations and compulsions that seem to control us and the buttons that get pressed again and again.

But we are not left there. This guide helps us clean our lenses, to see past the self-destructive habits and to recognise the ‘slow work of God’ that is happening within. Each day is from 9.30am – 3.30pm

Day 1, 6 November ‘21: A look in the mirror – finding your space on the Enneagram, centres of intelligence and wings, passions and virtues

Day 2, 22 January ‘22: Cleaning the mirror – childhood beliefs, defence mechanisms, sub-types

Day 3, 7 May ‘22: Seeing beyond the surface – uncovering the image of God

Each day builds on the previous ones so for days 2 and 3 you will either need to attend or be familiar with the material on the earlier days.

Cost: £25 each day, includes a copy of the book The ABC of the

Enneagram by Eric Salmon.

Venue: Memorial chapel at St Philip and St James’ Church,

Grafton Road, Cheltenham, GL50 2DD. Please bring a packed lunch.

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