Day: 12 May 2021

Weekly News 12 May

I do hope you are beginning to gain confidence as we continue to cautiously emerge into the light! I have my second vaccination later on today, and there does seem to be a sense that we can dare to hope…

This weeks news is coming a little early in preparation for tomorrow, which is Ascension Day. There will be a time of prayer and reflection to mark the occasion in Holy Trinity, Slad at 10am, or you can join us online for a short service.

Ascension Day also marks the start of Thy Kingdom Come prayer initiative which links us with Christians across the globe. There are lots of ways to get involved so please do click on the link that will take you to all those resources. We are particularly impressed with the Novena, praying the Psalms between Ascension and Pentecost. I’m sure you will find something there that will nourish your soul as we approach Pentecost. 

The feedback you have given about your experience of our 24/7 prayer through Holy Week has demonstrated, once again, in case we needed reminding! The power of prayer. I am excited to have this opportunity to focus again, together.

We are also in Christian Aid Week. The work that Christian Aid do is always important and impressive, and now more than ever. Richard Hollick from Holy Trinity, Stroud, is organising a group of people to walk from Tetbury to Nailsworth this coming Saturday – he’s even worked out the transport! Do have a look at the details on this news page and join in and donate. 

This coming Sunday, amongst the other Services available, there will be a Communion service, 11am at Slad and again next Wednesday11.30am at Holy Trinity next to the hospital. We are also planning for when restrictions are eased further, and encouraging everyone to take this once in several generations opportunity to ask some good questions;

How does this [whatever service or activity that may be] help me follow Christ through the week?

How open is this to those on the fringe, or outside our worshipping community?

How does this deepen my fellowship and strengthen my relationships?

And, importantly,
What am I willing to let go of?

Do please think on these questions and have conversations with others.

This Sunday evening I will be baptising Louis and Saffron, two young people, in the river down in Ebley! Our youth group, Engine Room, will be there to support them, and please do remember them in your prayers.

Following on from that, there are a group of people who are thinking about Confirmation at the moment, and we will be starting a group to explore faith with them. This will be completely open to all – whether you were confirmed years ago, or if you are curious to talk about faith. Let me know if you would like to be part of that.

And finally, at the end of the month, +Robert will be leading and preaching at our Team Service, 11am in St Matthew’s, which will also be live-streamed. We are really looking forward to him being with us and us being together.

I hope you have the opportunity to get out into the countryside, to enjoy the acid green of new leaves, the sunshine and showers and that you will be able to notice God’s hand in all of it.

Christian Aid Week walk – Saturday 15 May

As fundraising events in aid of Christian Aid Week will be rather limited again this year, a small group of us from Holy Trinity are planning to join with other local church members on a walk from Tetbury to Nailsworth, a distance of 6 miles. If you would like to join us you are most welcome, whether raising funds or not. There is a good bus service linking Stroud with Tetbury – the 10.05 bus from Merrywalks would arrive in good time to join the walk which starts from Christchurch, Tetbury at 11.30.

As face to face contact is also limited we have obtained sponsor forms to enable donations to be made. If you would like to donate then please ring 01453 758 467 or email: [email protected] – all proceeds will be going to help alleviate the poverty of the world’s most needy people at this difficult time.