Day: 7 November 2020

Prayer for the Nation

Our church leaders are deeply aware that this current lockdown will impact people in many different ways; through the sense of loss and trauma, being faced with sickness and even death of loved ones and threats to physical and economic, mental and spiritual wellbeing, being separated when we are created to live in community.

So, for 28 days, starting on Thursday 5th November the Archbishops have called on people from churches across the country to be committed to pray every evening at 6 pm. Cathedrals will ring their bells at 6 pm as a call to prayer and you might just hear a local bell. Phone alarms can be effective! Some people will light candles; children and adults might like to switch on a torch as we pray together – a reminder of the light of Jesus shining in the darkness.

There are prayer resources to enable participation but not to limit prayer and there is a theme for each day. To access them look here. In addition, there is a simple printable Prayer Booklet.