We Are Praying

In these times of uncertainty and crisis we are praying and we can pray for you too.

Someone from the churches in Stroud are praying all the time. They are praying for the world, our nation, this community and they can pray for you too.

They can pray for you by name and for your prayer request.

Please pray


For the family of Michael who died suddenly & recently, for all
the added uncertainty they face at this time – & for all who are grieving loved ones at this time

Please pray


Students uncertain about their GCSEs and A Levels

Please pray


Please pray for the children in my class and their families and all children around the county.

Also those who have had their weddings postponed.

Please pray


Prayers for all those who live in countries with little/no access to medical care.

Please pray


For all the heath care assistants going to and fro in the community. May they be safe from the virus as they care for the sick

Please pray


Pray for those who, like my brother, don’t understand why they need to be in a Dementia Care Home or why no family visitors are now allowed to see them.

Please pray


Please pray for my brother who is a chaplain in Australia. Help him find new ways to hold the ‘virtual’ hands of his community, and bring them love, hope and support in these uncertain times… Thank you

Please pray


Pray for those who are sleeping rough or in unstable housing.

Please pray


For all key workers who are out there keeping us going every day in this scary world

Please pray


All those struggling with anxiety during this time.

Please pray


For Huw, struggling after his recent accident. Prayers asked for strength and patience to help on this very long road to recovery.
Also for Chris, trying hard to manage the physical challenges that he already faces and the added worries he has of an uncertain world. Thank God for his wonderful Carers (twice a day) who not only look after his physical needs but are giving him extra time, unpaid, to sit, listen and talk with him. Angels, off of them.
My sadness at being unable to give him the hug that he really needs.

Please pray


For everyone who gets a letter to self isolate for 12 weeks.

Please pray


Pray for the emergency services called into situations where the virus is present – but their job means they have to continue to encounter and apprehend those in that situation, putting their own safety secondary

Please pray


My mum and everyone else in Spain, unable to leave their dwellings. May the peace of Christ be with them during this tough time.

Please pray


For Beryl as she enters the last stage of her life and her family as they support her

Please pray


For all grandparents missing their grandchildren. For all grandchildren missing them especially toddlers who have no understanding of the sudden changes in their lives. Thank you.

Please pray


For my son Chris who is now totally devoid of income and has to self isolate owing to being immunosuppressed
Also of course for all others in this position

Please pray


Pray for the thousands of people in refugee camps who will have little defence against the virus.

Please pray


For everyone who struggles with social isolation due to mental health problems

Please pray

Heather and Maurice

Please pray


Please join me in giving thanks to our Father who has healed my daughter!

Please pray


Praise You Lord you have everything under your authority. Be our guide in how to respond to these times.

Please pray

Rob and Julie

Pray for all vulnerable people, young and old.
Thank you God for the wonderful sunshine and the new spring growth which will help to bring joy in these difficult times.

Please pray


For single parents who are finding it challenging to go shopping may we remember them as well as vulnerable and elderly
Let us remember those in refugee countries and developing countries who will struggle much more than us – pray for miracles

Please pray


Please pray for my daughter, who has the virus and is very unwell. Thank you

Please pray


Please pray for our vulnerable people living in care homes and their families, who are unable to be together during this anxious time. Pray especially for those with dementia who can't understand what's going on and therefore find this isolation even more distressing.

Please pray


Please pray for all people in care homes where families are unable to visit. Especially remembering Tristan as he is struggling at this time, & all with mental health problems.

Please pray


Please pray for all the loved ones of those that have the corona virus and those who are bereaved

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Communion during this time

In these unprecedented times, we are working hard to find imaginative solutions in a landscape that has been rapidly changing. Sometimes we get things right, and sometimes we miss the mark. I apologise that this has been the case regarding communion.

For those of you who have received wafers in a parcel, we would ask that you either consume them, or put them somewhere safe to bring back once we are able to be together again.

We are going to be sending out a new order of service for use during this time as either a simple service of the word or, on occasion, to help us to share an Agape meal together.

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